Friday, January 20, 2012

The emotional scale... The goal is to always stay purple :)

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Dream Induction

I really like to dream. The inspiration for this entry was a powerful dream I had last night.It was one of those dreams that even though I woke up several times I went back to sleep and continued the dream. I remember the entire thing, and although it started out as a nightmare, toward the end everything started to look like it was going to be OK. It was very scary for a minute or two though.
Most nights I do not have nightmares. My dreams are usually very pleasant and the places I go are places I would want to visit and the people I am with are people that I would choose to be with. So, I can't complain at all really. My dreaming world brings me as much joy and satisfaction as my waking world. I am a very happy camper.
However, there are ways of bringing on dreams that are vivid, and even (if you believe in it) tell the future. If I hadn't had dreams myself that were eerily similar to the events that later took place, I would likely be a skeptic.

I have tried the following to induce dreams:
I tried this and was AMAZED by the result. The dream was so real that I could read, do math and think as clearly as if I was awake. I felt so conscious that I decided to move a newspaper from the table to the couch to see if it was there in the morning, because I honestly could not tell if I was dreaming or not. Obviously it was still on the kitchen table when I awoke.

This little herb was fascinating. I took it in a capsule, and it really made my dreams much more colorful and vivid. The most interesting thing that I noted was that when I would wake up I would lay still, kind of unable to move (this was not frightening in any way) then I would suddenly realize that I was awake, lying in bed and that I had had a dream and then I would remember the dream fully. This has been the pattern for my with Calea every time.

I am admitting to the use of this very pretty flower only because I believe it is worthy of warning. I used a low dose, for the purpose of dreaming and yes it did produce incredible dreams that were vivid, colorful, extremely lucid and highly emotional. However it was probably the single most TERRIFYING experience of my life. I feel that the word terrifying does not do this justice. I have read before that it could be "unpleasant" at times. If your idea of "unpleasant" is pure panicked delirium, constant thoughts of death looming around every corner and everything that exists around you has it's own evil intent, than yes, I would say it was unpleasant. For about seven hours I was convinced that I would die a very painful and "evil" death at any moment. Not only was I convinced I was going to die, I couldn't shake the feeling that somehow everyone I loved would die that night too. I find the herb to be absolutely fascinating now, that it could have such a strong effect on the psyche, but fascinating in the way I find rabies and serial killers fascinating. I very strongly reccommend that you stay away from this one.

4. A tea that I used to make that worked very well for me for years was a blend of hops, passion flower, mugwort and Valerian. The dreams I had were usually very pleasant (bet that was the hypnotic passion flower) and vivid. This tea is said to produce prophetic dreams and although I won't get into specifics, it did work that way for me several times. Another great thing about this tea is that there is a very nice, gentle euphoric calming effect. It could be a tea that you drink after work to relax as well as a dream tea. Add some skullcap, California Poppy and kava (go easy on kava, can cause liver damage with over use) for a very calming and super hypnotic effect. I wouldn't drive after drinking this however, it tends to make you feel spacey.

5. Writing a note to ask for a dream and putting it under your pillow. I find amazing results with this usually. There is something that speaks to your higher, wiser self when you do this. Simply write a question on a piece of paper and put it under your pillow. The answer you get when you awake may surprise you.

This is THE technique to try if you want crazy vivid and lucid dreams. It has worked for me every time I used it. The results were phenomenal and taught me so much. I have talked to Mystics, my future self and Oprah :) The point is, it works very well and I enjoyed every experience. You can truly control your environment in these dreams. One warning though: only use these techniques when you have the next day to sleep in. You will be exhausted otherwise.

I would like to try these techniques:

Sounds very interesting and definitely something I would like to try, even if simply to go on a mini mind vacation.

I have been wanting to try this blend for so long. It seems to me that it would be gently and pleasant.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Don't Know Much

Last night I made a decision that I felt was pretty bold. I really thought that I KNEW that it was the best decision for me. However, after doing what I needed to do, I didn't feel like I expected at all. I thought that I would feel joy and anticipation, but instead I just didn't care that much. I was apathetic and indifferent.
This was a decision I had been planning on for about a month now and I had been waiting until just the right time. I have been filled with anticipation. You would think that I feel disappointed or upset when after finally making the decision and taking action I felt only a dull sense of "whatever", but I do not. I am very thankful for this experience. It has truly taught me to live according to my intuition (my gut was telling me not to bother - and it was correct as always) and to know that I do not know much at all.
I am more open, less judgemental and just a little more wise.
So ... what do I think that I need to DO. I need to focus on JOY, focus on following my bliss and uplifting others around me that I love. I think it is important to know what you want but to remain as open as you can. In other words surrender. If you are too attached to the outcome, you could be missing something even better. Have faith, have FAITH that not only things will be ok - but that you can have a great life. You can have whatever it is that you desire and know that what you desire also desires you.
In the amazing video below, Oprah describes her process of surrender. I like that she says "God has a bigger dream for you than you could ever have for yourself" all that you need to do is let go.